Earn a full-time income with only part-time effort!

A brand new business that lets you work smarter not harder.

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Why choose e-conomize?

  • Very simple concept - Based upon spend transfer of everyday products
  • Fantastic product range you and your customers will use month in month out
  • Extremely lucrative compensation plan. With up to 90% of commissions paid out on products.
  • UK based company with solid track record of product delivery.
  • Affordable to the masses - Our opportunity allows members to join absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!
  • Member ownership scheme - 50% of our business will be owned by our members

The Opportunity

At e-conomize we believe we offer one of the most lucrative business opportunities you will EVER come across. By combining every day products at discounted prices along with a unique compensation plan, we have delivered a business that allows you to earn a full-time income with only part-time effort.

Our business opportunity is based on a very simple premise: “You Earn Money by Helping Others Save Money.”

So if you know a handful of people who want to save money and a few people who also want to make money, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We have designed several membership options that allow new starters to begin as slowly or quickly as they wish but ALL levels can be qualified for depending on the size of your team/revenue generated.


  • Every day products
  • Ever Expanding Product Range
  • Earn full-time income with only part-time effort
  • Lucrative Compensation Plan
  • Become a part owner through share scheme
  • Pay out up to 90% of product profit to the network.

How it works

We wanted our business to appeal to as many people as possible which is why we’ve made it easy for you to build. It doesn’t rely on mass recruitment or building a large customer base, all you need to start with is a few people and our targeted marketing system.

We know that the key to a successful business begins with the right products. We have carefully selected products your customers will either already use or desire. We will continually search for new and exciting products to extend our range.

Our compensation plan is designed to allow you to earn a full time income by simply introducing a handful of customers and 2-3 people who want to do the same. Then all you need to do is duplicate that process with those 2-3 people, and watch how quickly your business develops. We pay out up to 90% of profits on our products to the member network which massively increases the earnings potential for our members.

But what makes our business model really stand out is… “Our Video Marketing System Does the Selling for You.”

It’s no secret that the vast majority (around 97%) don’t actually make a profit with a home based opportunity. And that’s because most people either don’t like selling, or can’t sell. And that’s where our automated marketing system comes in, because all you have to do is simply send a link to your prospects and let the marketing process do the rest. It’s like having a highly skilled sales person doing the presentations for you, every single time.

It doesn’t matter who they are or how many people you send them to, each one gets to see the same perfect presentation, every single time without you getting out of your armchair. This is the breakthrough this industry has been waiting for because it gives everyone the same opportunity as the professionals. So whether you’re an experienced networker or someone who’s just starting, this system is designed to work for everyone because it doesn’t rely on you having skills, experience and knowledge.

Earning Potential

There are several lucrative income streams you can tap into within this business. We have developed a compensation plan that rewards both team growth and product sales equally.

Earnings Calculator

To help you determine just how lucrative this opportunity will be for you we have developed an earnings calculator so you and your prospects can obtain realistic earnings forecasts based upon what time and effort you decide you want to put in and achievement levels you believe you and your team can achieve.

The key elements of the compensation plan are: -

Network Sales Commission

Earn a percentage from all sales within your team down 7 levels.

Matching Bonuses

Earn a matching bonus from all your personal and team members as they make sales in their initial startup period.

Infinity Leadership Bonus

A percentage of ALL sales within the entire network is placed within a leadership pool which is then shared monthly by all members who have qualified for Leadership Status.

Member Ownership Scheme

Up to 50% of the business will be owned by members who either qualify for shares through building their teams/sales or members who purchase shares outright. These shares will be included in all company profit share payouts each quarter.

At e-conomize, we believe that if someone works hard to help build the company, then surely they deserve a share of that success? After all, the success of a company is likely to be far greater if there are lots of like-minded co-owners, who are just as committed as original owners.


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